GCHS celebrates history on Constitution Day


Mrs. Robert’s class reviews amendments through a mission impossible-style challenge.

On September 17th, 1778 the Constitution was ratified by the delegates of the 13 colonies, and every year on September 17th GCHS’s History Department celebrate this monumental day.

“It’s always good to remember and reflect on the Constitution,” said Mr. Richards. “It’s our right, it’s freedoms we all love and cherish, it’s our laws that we will pass on to our future generation.”

In Mrs. Roberts class, students reviewed amendments while completing a mission impossible challenge. 

The Constitution’s significance can sometimes be overlooked, but Mrs. Roberts reminds us, “oftentimes we forget who holds the power and whose rights are being taken care of,  it’s important to reaffirm that.”

Mr. Andrews class spent time researching the bill of rights, then writing new rights.

“The goal here was to order by importance, and then replace two with two of their own,” he said. “Students had to ask themselves, ‘What rights do I hold dear?’ and ‘What rights am I willing to give up?'”