GCHS students build personalized Google Sites to showcase their assets


GCHS students are creating their own personalized Google Sites in order to showcase their skills, involvement, and academics. These sites will be an easy reference for colleges and employers once students graduate. 

“In theory, it is like a live resume,” explained Vice Principal Stephanie Duke. “Google Sites are a way to show yourself off; you show your awards, college career, college choice, and more. Resumes are typically boring, whereas Google Sites are a way to make a resume more exciting.”

Student sites are organized by their bio, extracurriculars, resume, awards and scholarships, community service, academic data, and skills. Students will be able to connect their Google Site to a QR code so that when students attend Strictly Business, an event in which real businesses conduct mock interviews, they can access the information easily.

Additionally, these sites will be an excellent companion to scholarship applications, summer programs, and employment applications.