GCHS Art students compete in Vans Custom Culture Competition


Mr. Woodruff has been collecting shoes for an art project after being learning of the Vans Custom Culture Competition in which schools can win $50,000 for their art program.

GCHS has been chosen as one of the 250 high schools nationwide to compete.

“Shoes are often underrepresented in the art world as art, but, just like art, someone designed and created them,” said Mr. Woodruff.

According to their website, “Vans High School Custom Culture was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design and bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Vans believes everyone should be empowered to express themselves creatively and should be given the tools to do so. Custom Culture High School is a national high school customization competition using blank Vans shoes to be customized around the specific themes, Hometown Pride and Head in the Clouds.”

Mr. Woodruff and his students are customizing shoes to a theme of their choosing. When they are finished, will send the shoe designs to Vans to be judged. The top 50 designs will be broadcasted on social media and voted on by those online.

Please support our students by going to vote on April 26th-May 7th at customculture.vans.com