Student Spotlight: Hunt Gossum

Student Spotlight: Hunt Gossum

Hunt Gossum is a Graves County sophomore who competes in dirt car racing throughout the state.

Gossum was nominated by science teacher Beth Shadrick. Mrs. Shadrick stated that she did not have Gossum in class, but knew him through watching him race over the summer. She thinks it is very admirable to be racing at his young age.

“I started when I was 5, and I’ve been racing for 10 years.” says Gossum. He followed in his brother-in-laws footsteps and began racing. In his 10 years of racing, he has roughly competed in 1800 races , winning 550.

Gossum competes every Saturday throughout the year, driving the car he built with his father. “It brings us closer together everyday, my dad loves watching me race and we spend about a month building the car together, its just a great bonding experience,” Gossum says.

When asked where he saw himself in 5 years, Hunt said he hoped to be in NASCAR and competing nationally.

Gossum’s next race is this Saturday at 6PM in Brownstown, Illinois. If you would like to show your support for Hunt, look him up on Instagram to see his updates on his racing, @Hunt.Gossum