GCHS offers new course inspired by Dave Ramsey


Money skills is a new class here at GCHS taught by Mr. Hayden and Mr. Kimbler. Money skills is a class that is based off of a course by Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is a financial expert. This class is so students can learn about finances, saving, budgeting, taxes, and how to stay out of debt.

Dave Ramsey has multiple books about finance published and he has a website. Many people look up to him and follow his advice religiously.

“I do agree with his (Dave Ramsey) advice, he’s obviously a financial expert. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s not just some random guy,” said Mr. Hayden. “He went downhill and lost everything; he lost his home, and then he built his way back up.”

“With it being my first year, I’m nervous about it anyway. I’m excited,” Mr. Hayden continued. “Especially with this class since it is financial skills and it relates to real life and you can take this past graduation.”

Mr. Hayden revealed that he wants his students to learn how to speak the “money language” and learn how to save their money. He hopes he can teach them everything they need to know to be financially successful.