Snacks-R-Us program includes a smile with each delivery


Students in Mrs. Atterberry’s class are delivering more than just an afternoon snack: their positive spirits are brightening classrooms and offices throughout GCHS.

Snacks-R-Us was the idea of special education teacher Lori Atterberry after seeing an invaluable opportunity in the program for her students.

“The purpose of the snack cart is for our students to develop and practice skills in the following areas: social norms, communication, job skills, money, and team building,” said Mrs. Atterberry. “The valuable life skills they are learning will help them in their future endeavors.”

“This real-world experience teaches our students skills they would not learn in a traditional academic setting,” she added.

Teachers can participate by filling out the Google Form in their email. Snacks-R-Us deliveries begin on Thursdays at 1 pm. This is perfect for those times you need a snack, student reward, classroom reward, or maybe even lunch!