GCHS Arts Department Hosts October Art Exhibit


The October gallery exhibit displays the work of art classes 1, 2, and 3. Student’s pieces of mixed media and fiber arts are to test out a new skill that they have never applied to their art before. 

Art 1 students made a mixed media collage that shows a certain theme or emotion they chose.

This is the introductory class that is learning the basics of art and making their work cohesive.

Art 2 students made weavings out of scrap fabric to learn about the oldest form of art as well as sustainability in reusing old material.

This technique is used by weaving different types of fabric under and over to create texture.

Art 3 students learned about a fabric dying process called batik and tried it out on their own in the form of tapestries. 

Nat Stimson, art 3 student, made a batik piece of a death head hawke moth and mushrooms.

Stimson said, “I really enjoy nature and making the wings of the moth was a way to practice the technique (we used a wax and dye resist technique; dying fabric and covering areas we want to keep that color with wax and repeating as we add colors to the piece.)”

The showcase of this artwork was an amazing display of the talented students of our Arts program at GCHS.