GCHS math teacher Caturano reveals hidden talent


GCHS math teacher, Mrs. Caturano, has revealed a hidden talent that she enjoys: art projects and painting in her free time away from school.

Caturano first started painting the year before covid started, and it piqued her interest as she was “stuck in the house with nothing to do.”

What started as a small hobby quickly developed into a serious artistic process:

“It takes me about 6-7 hours just to finish a singular piece,” she said. “First, I draw my first draft on a piece of graph paper with a pencil and make sure all the proportions are correct. Next, I trace the draft with a sheet of graphite paper and the pressure makes the picture transfer to a separate sheet of paper. Finally, I start painting the picture.”

At the moment, she is working on a piece for a student with a magical subject: Hogwarts.

However, Mrs. Caturano shared that her favorite art piece was one that she had drawn multiple copies of for her family during the holiday season: “The one piece that means the most to me has to be a painting of my grandparent’s house where generations were born and raised for many years. I drew multiple copies for everyone in my family so everyone could cherish a very important part of our life.”