Students go on a walk through a history in remembrance of MLK


Mrs. Archer, our librarian, has created a book walk that spans the hallways of GCHS. It honors Martin Luther King Jr’s life and will be posted until February.

“The purpose of the book walk is to reinforce the influence of MLK and celebrate his legacy as well as our country’s diverse heritage,” Mrs. Archer explained.

The walk features an informational picture book and printed a QR code with the infamous “I have a dream” speech.

Mrs. Archer has plans to do this each month with various authors and texts; in the warmer months, she’ll set them up outside, and during the cooler months, they’ll be brought inside.

“I am presenting book walks, in general, to emphasize the importance of literacy and feature historical figures who have made an impact on our society,” Mrs. Archer continued.

Students and staff have taken advantage of this opportunity throughout the day, especially during HIPE.