8 Graves County students attend 2022 GSP


Every year, a group of students is chosen to participate in the Governor Scholar Program for five weeks during the summer; this summer eight Graves County Students were chosen. This includes seniors Macy Marler, Connor Thomas, Avery Thompson, Macey Evitts,  Gracie Colley, Natalie Elder, Brooklyn Williams, and Madison Kinsey.

The Governor’s Scholar Program (GSP) is an opportunity for rising seniors to participate in a summer residency program, focus classes, and have a small taste of what it’s like being in college. This provides the students with money for college and the opportunity to help them get through college faster.

Senior Natalie Elder said, “GSP gave me some incredible connections with people from all over the state. It also gave me a little piece of what the college experience will be like and has helped me prepare to be away from home. It also made me more outgoing and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone!”

GSP gave the students chances to be a part of clubs and make tons of new friends. The last night, the GSP program had a lock-in.

“My most memorable experience was when we had a lock-in the last night of GSP. We all knew that it was the last night and that we had to say goodbye so we danced and sang and played all the games we could. I will always remember that night because it was the most fun I have ever had,” said Senior Macy Elder.

This is a great opportunity for any junior who wants to go to college. If anyone wants to participate, the application is open right now and closes on January 25th.