SpEd Dept wins GCHS Halloween Contest Competition

Coach Gru and his minions.

Coach Gru and his minions.

On Friday, October 29 GCHS hosted its annual faculty and staff costume competition.

“The costume competition was between the English, math, history, special education, and science departments,” said Assistant Principal Michael Cole. “Our cafeteria workers also stepped out for the occasion.”

The winner of the competition was voted on by the students of GCHS through a poll on Schoology.

Coach Nick Kemp rallied together the special education department to win the contest this year dressed as Gru and his minions from the popular movie series, Despicable Me.

“It was fun to get everyone dressed up, but it was even more fun to win the contest,” said Coach Kemp. “Winning this year just means we have higher expectations for next year’s competition.”

“We won because everyone was willing to get involved and show their Halloween spirit,” said Coach Towery. “Nick’s bald head really sold the look.”

Congratulations to Gru and his minion crew on their costume contest victory. They will be rewarded with DQ Blizzards.