GC 2nd graders attend Cowboy Day for a day of roping and riding


On October 14th and 15th, GCHS welcomed the surrounding elementary schools’ 2nd graders to the equine barn to participate in the Annual Cowboy Day.

The 2nd graders spent their visit rotating between stations that varied from horse riding to coloring and a game called human foosball. Each station was managed by student volunteers, while others were group leaders.

“The purpose of the event is to bring AG literacy and safety into our elementary schools,” explained Ag Teacher Ms. Lyell. “I believe it was successful though everyone’s hard work.”

Faith Paulin, a student in charge of the coloring station, said “I think the students enjoyed their visit and acted very excited.”

“I even had some students approach me,” she continued, “and openly express how much fun they were having.”

For those in the school’s AG program and/or the FFA, the school looks for many student volunteers every year to run Cowboy Day. If any students are interested they should talk to Mr. Howard or Ms. Lyell.