GCHS students are strumming into the school year


GCHS’s 2021 beginning guitar classes have become a huge hit.

Beginning Guitar is a more recent class added to GCHS’s list of fine arts department. The class is geared towards students who have barely or never played guitar, but even more seasoned instrumentalists have joined and filled both available classes.

So far the class has learned multiple songs, but many seemed to agree with Heather McAllister when she said “‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd has been my favorite song to learn.”

Some other favorites have been “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles, and the beginning cords for “Smoke on the Water”┬áby Deep Purple.

Of course there are challenges of learning a new instrument, but with the help of Mr. Burchett, the class’s teacher, even complete beginners have made a lot of progress.

“The hardest thing to learn so far has been timing of different songs,” Taylor Griner stated.

“I look forward to learning bar cords (a type of higher difficulty cords),” added Sean Howell.

The class may still be in beginner lessons, but by December of 2021 they hope to reach a new difficulty of songs and lessons.

Both classes may be full this year, but anyone interested in learning guitar at the next available class registration is welcome with open arms!