20 years later: GCHS implements 9/11 lessons

20 years later: GCHS implements 9/11 lessons

Every September, GCHS students learn the significance of 9/11 and how it changed our country as we know it.

On the 20 year anniversary, which fell on a Friday, many teachers chose lessons specific to the event.

“It is the largest terrorist attack on American soil,” said history teacher Mr. Andrews. “It literally changed how the entire world lived over night.”

“9/11 teaches us that there is a cost and a risk for freedom,” said history teacher Mr. Kendall, “and you have to fight sometimes to keep freedom to have the safeties that you want with that freedom.”

Students, who were born a few years after the attack on the World Trade Center, are still able to find connections with the event.

“It is important to learn about 9/11 because it shows that terrorism is a very real issue,” said student Alexis Dezmond. “So many people lost their lives that day.”

“A lot of the taxes that we deal with now days are in direct correlation to 9/11,” expressed student Beau Owens.