Alexis Jones is a “breath of fresh air” in her role in the MSD dept


Senior Alexis Jones volunteers with GCHS’s Special Education Dept where she works with students who have moderate to severe disabilities.

“Alexis goes above and beyond to help our students as well as us,” said Mrs. Goode. “She is willing to help in any way she can. She never complains, and is present and ready to go each time she is with us. She has a humble personality which is a breath of fresh air!”

“She works with the kids, and she organizes games and activities for the kids too,” said Mrs. Atterberry.

Mrs. Poole added: “She helps us to stay organized and helps get materials ready for lessons.”

Although she is still a student, it is part of the department’s plan to have Alexis teach her own lessons in the future.

When asked about Alexis’s future plans, Mrs. Poole stated “She has expressed to me that she would like to work with younger aged students in a daycare or a preschool setting.”

Overall, Alexis has shown strong leadership skills and as both Mrs. Pool and Mrs. Atterberry said, “she is extremely pleasant to be around and is very kind to anyone.”