Student Spotlight: Aaliyah Garcia


Aaliyah Garcia has gone above and beyond in her cross-age tutoring duties, according to counselor Laura Marrs. She was asked by Mrs. Marrs to help this student out, and she gladly obliged on top of her other duties as a successful student at GCHS.

The student she is working with does not speak English, and Aaliyah is making a huge difference for her both academically and socially since working with her,” said Mrs. Marrs. “Aaliyah has befriended this student during lunch, introduced her to other Spanish speaking students, and works with her during other class periods when possible.”

Since Garcia is bilingual, she is able to aid this student out with her studies.

I translate everything in English to Spanish for her,” said Garcia.

She has really bonded with the student, as they have much in common.

I enjoy being able to help someone from my community and Latino origin,” said Garcia.

Garcia recommends people who have a high patience level to do the same as her. When scheduling classes for the next year, sign up for cross-age tutor to have the same opportunities as Garcia.