We Read Week celebrates its 11th year


We Read Week is an annual event held at Graves County High School and is hosted by school librarian Lynda Hiles.

Through grants and donations, Mrs. Hiles collects a variety of books and invites each student into the library to select their free book. Then, teachers are encouraged to give each class time to read, therefore promoting student choice and reading.

Mrs. Hiles founded this tradition in 2010 with former principal RB Mays.

“We were discussing that different people like to read different things,” said Mrs. Hiles. “I like reading fiction and novels, while he liked reading non-fiction Christian and sports books.  And we thought that if given choices based on what their interests were, students would be more willing to read.”

“Mr. Madding and Mrs. Gregory have both continued and endorsed the tradition, as we all feel reading is a very important skill,”  she continued.