GC’s Shelby Leonard creates own photography account


A post from Shelby Leonard´s Instagram Account

GC Sophomore and photographer Shelby Leonard has started an Instagram account featuring many photos she has captured of her friends.

Shelby had found a love for photography from many things, such as”… taking pictures and I was always the one asked to take pictures of my friends on outings.  But I can only say that God’s wonderful creation is what inspired me.  Whether it was animals, plants, or people, they all displayed God’s “masterpieces” in a unique way.¨

Among other things, The photographer who inspired Shelby the most is Sydney Oswald, another photographer who created her own business. She included that the main reason why Sydney has been so inspirational to her is because¨she is close to my age and she was never taught professionally, like myself but still makes awesome content.¨

Leonard enjoys architectural photography the most, because “a building or a structure can’t move, so it’s up to me to find the perfect angle and side or sides of it to capture the beauty I see with my own eyes.¨

If you would like to view her work, you can visit her Instagram page @s22_photography and make sure to keep an eye out for her in the future in case she does become a professional photographer.