Goodbye, Eagles Eye


GCHS Eagle's Eye Seniors Pose with the annual commons Christmas Tree.


Eagles Eye, the Graves County High School Newspaper. Within the short amount of time I have been able to spend in this class, I have met some of the best people and made some of the greatest memories.

To the staff, thank you. Thank you for making me a better writer and for encouraging me to do things outside of my comfort zone. To the students and staff of GCHS, thank you for being our faithful audience.

To Ms. Crouch, thank you for sponsoring us. Thank you for putting up with us and our shenanigans, thank you for trusting us with as sales and story writing, and thank you for being there for each of us when we’ve gone through tough times.

I encourage each returning student to take Journalism Newspaper. next year. It will be the most amazing learning experience for you, and you will not regret it.

Thank you, GC.

Signing off for the last time, Gracie.