Princess Leia, Native?


A split- portrait hangs in the Nevada Museum of Art, half icon, other half, not necessarily known. Character Princess Leia, portrayed by Carrie Fisher, from the critically acclaimed Star Wars series, (right), was photographed in the late 70’s. The no-named Hopi-Tewa woman, (left), posed with the poker face in the early 20th century. They are both robed alike, with “space buns” dominant on each side of the portrait. The photographer of Leia, Nicholas Galanin “juxtaposed Fisher and the Hopi-Tewa woman, roughly mirroring each other, to force viewers to see the cultural appropriation, or the adoption of traits of one people by another.” The artwork was titled, “Thing’s Are Looking Native, Native’s Looking Whiter”, which for some people did not float well. Cultural Appropriation is something that should be respected and given the same, no matter what the circumstances.