Graves County Orchestras gather donations to spread Holiday Cheer


Graves County Orchestras are donating boxes of  needed items to the Good Samaritan Donation for the holiday season. 

The goal of the donation is to bring joy to many children who are in impoverished areas across the world that are in need of basic items as well as toys for Christmas.

“They would need simple necessities like clothing, toys, pencils, and coloring books,” Hunter Carr stated.

Carr, a freshman, wanted to start this process for the orchestra because his church participates in it every year, and he wanted more people to contribute to the cause.

Each orchestra is filling one box, and Dr. Hill is filling a box herself. Each box focuses on a different age group and what they would like to receive. The items range from toy cars to feminine products.

String Orchestra is filling a box for 10-14 year old girls, Symphony is filling one for 5-9 year old girls, and Chamber Orcehstra is filling one for 5-9 year old boys.