Summing up Graves County’s wins at Math Day


Group Picture at the MSU event. Sent by Mrs. Delany.

On February 9th Graves County students participated in Math day at Murray State University.

Math teachers get a group of students from each age group and take them to Murray where they will participate in either individual or group events. The individual competitions are written tests with an upper and lower division.

“We had 14 students compete yesterday at Murray State’s Math Day competition. We have some rockstar math students! 9 of our participating students won awards! Winners received a medal and cash prizes,” said AP Stats and Alegrabra 2 teacher, Katlyn Delany.

Junior Ryan Barnett won 4th place overall in the upper division, 2nd place overall for juniors, and a scholarship for any math major at Murray State; Sophomore Lucy Baldwin won 3rd out of everyone taking the lower division.

“I feel good about it. I was one of only two individuals from Graves to place. I know some Calloway kids from the academic team, and I knew it would be tough to beat their scores,” said Baldwin.

In the group competitions Jonathan Woods, Allie Buckman, Emilie Williams, and Keile Allen won 2nd place overall and Ethan Trimble, Andre Cervantes-Viera, and Connor Drury won 3rd overall.

This was a great experience for students who want a career that requires a lot of math. If anyone wants to know more about this experience you can talk to your math teacher.