GCHS HIPE teams go head-to-head in Door Decorating Contest


GCHS is currently in the midst of a highly competitive door decorating contest with the ultimate prize: ice cream.

“The school looks dull and I thought it would be a great idea to give students in their HIPE group a chance to decorate the school’s doors and have a competition to see who has the best door décor,” said senior and lead director of the competition Alyssa Lashbrook.  “It’s fun seeing the school decorated and looking festive for the season.” 

Mr. Richards and his HIPE class went with a classic gingerbread house: “We just wanted to make sure to pick the design that will most definitely win,” he said.  “We put in a lot of hard work but we won’t be proud until we are crowned the winners of the competition.”

“We enjoyed every second of working together to make the door knowing that we will be the ones to win the competition,” he reiterated.

Mrs. Roberts and her HIPE class decided to go with a humorous interpretation of a classic song.

“I looked up door ideas for grandma getting ran over by a reindeer and thought this would be the most fitting for school and our teacher Mrs. Roberts,” said Gage Munsell. 

His classmate, Ava Slack, said her favorite part was “all the painting and teamwork that went into the project.”

“We are extremely proud of the outcome and loved  spending all of our time working on it as a team,” the class proudly mentioned.

Ms. Caturano’s HIPE class were inspired by another song, “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift.

Her students came up with the idea after her love for Taylor Swift was mentioned.

“We are absolutely proud of the outcome, but I wish we had more time as we had more ideas laid out to add to the door but we did not have enough time. My students planned on adding different stars for each of Taylor Swift’s albums.”