GCHS participates in Hour of Code for Computer Science Week


This week GCHS students are participating in the Hour of Code during their HIPE classes for computer science week.

Hour of Code is a site used to introduce students to computer science, specifically coding. Students of all age groups can get on to this site and choose a game where they essentially code it to be their own design. The site has over 400 partners including Marvel, Minecraft, and Star wars.

Computer science teacher Jim Whitaker said, “Hour of Code allows students to explore programming in a fun and entertaining way.  It is intended to allow everyone to get a small taste of coding.  I hope many will realize that they enjoyed themselves and seek to learn more, either informally on their own or formally through one of our Computer Science pathways.”

Over 200,000 educators use Hour of Code to teach their students to learn basic coding and pique the interest of those who have a talent for it. In the future, this will be useful to many since technology is becoming more and more involved in our day-to-day lives. It also provides a fun twist on computer science and keeps students entertained.

“I had a lot of fun participating in this event. I learned so much from just one hour of coding and would happily do it again,” said senior Lexie Mathis.

For anyone else who would like to try Hour of Code, please go check out this website: https://hourofcode.com/us/learn. if you enjoy it and want to do more then go see Mr.Whitaker in Wingo 06.