Meet the Academic Team


Jonathan Woods, Addison Clark, Tiffany Rogers, Zoey Black, Lucy Baldwin (left to right). Taken By Anna Rhea

Grave’s County has many clubs students can join, one of which is the Academic Team.

“Academic is a group of students that compete in a variety of academic events. We compete in events such as quick recall, competitive test taking, composition writing, and hypothetical problem-solving situations against students from other schools,” said freshman, Keilie Allen.

There are two teams people can join: J.V.(Junior Varsity) and Varsity. Since it’s their first year, freshmen are on JV and the rest of the grades make up the Varsity team. Currently, the JV team consists of Liam Dawson, Keilie Allen, Rex Ferguson, Callie Lane, Gage McKinney, and Emilie Williams; and the Varsity team consists of Jonathan Woods(senior), Tiff Rogers (junior), Zoey Black (junior), Lucy Baldwin (sophomore), Onie Dawson (sophomore), Addison Clark (sophomore). 

“My goal for the season, personally, is to improve my knowledge of general trivia so that I can be better for the Graves County JV Academic Team.” said freshman, Liam Dawson.

At the end of the season, the academic team meets for the Governer’s cup. Over a couple of months, they participate in different events for districts, Regionals, and the State Final.

The first match is tonight(November 3rd), at 4:30 pm, at Graves County High School.