Teachers Go Digital with GC Innovators


Each month teachers get a new digital challenge to figure out a way to incorporate a new part of technology into their teaching.

Teachers are encouraged to use technology to help students become creators with technology. They are encouraged to share these creative ways online through Twitter.

Dana Dowdy explained this further,” Teachers are encouraged to share their technology integration on Twitter using the #GCForward hashtag.  This way, teachers are sharing out so other educators can gain ideas.  Also, it is a great way for teachers to show off the wonderful things they do in the classroom. ”

Twitter creates a personal learning network between teachers at all the schools in Kentucky. Another Hashtag used is #GodigitalKy.

This not only helps teachers but helps students figure out how to use technology. According to ntia.doc.org, 80.5 percent of people use computers at work. So students need to learn all this through teachers as the percentage has a high chance of growing by the time he or she graduate.

“Teachers that are innovative and are willing to try new things strive to grow their craft.  This not only affects the teacher, but it also inspires those around them.  First and foremost, it is positive for student learning.  It encourages student agency, collaboration, and creativity, just to name a few.  These are skills that are important for 21st-century learning.  And when students are led by innovative teachers, they are more likely to be innovative themselves.  They have the ability to problem-solve and think critically.  In turn, that positively affects the community because when they enter the workforce, they will be able to tackle the challenges head-on with confidence,” Dana Dowdy said.

At the end of the month, Mrs. Dowdy will look at all the teachers’ work who participated in the challenge and decide who is “The Best in Class” and whoever wins gets a goody basket of treats.

GCHS English teacher Heather Miller won Best in Class in the fall semester.