The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect Quinceanera

The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect Quinceanera

The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect Quinceanera

Step one, to set the date.

  • This is a very important part. This date you need to make sure that its available for the church service and the venue and keep in mind two or three dates in mind, and about around what time you would like it.

Step two, to find the perfect venue that is perfect for your day.

  • Then go ask the venue what are the available dates around your dates in mind, and the church service will be a bit easier to get into.

Step three, which is to find your court.

  • A court it a group of people that will accompany you ( the quinceanera) the day of your big day. If possible try to get people to have a bit more bit of free time and also have a way of transportation. A good thing to tell them and they should keep in mind that by this they are agreeing to spend the money as well. It could range from $100 to $200 on a girl’s outfit including the surprise dance outfit, though in some cases they may spend more. The guys spend about the same amount sometimes even less because they tend to rent their tuxes and not buy them at full price.

Step four would be to find your perfect dress that fits your personality the best.

  • Whether its a big ball gown dress of its a simple long dress. From a big bright color to a simple nude color. To the most sparkly dress or the most texture or the most pattern to a really simple dress with not lots of design.

Step five, find your theme.

  • Your party it will go base on the color of your dress, and what things could go with it. Also, try to get creative or do what things that you like the best.

Step six, look for godparents.

  • This is gonna be for the smallest thing for your shoes to your crown to your decorations to your venue or the limo they will pay for everything. You may need more than one for somethings and some you only may need one godparent.  This covers lots of things if the parents want they could even get some people to help with the food. It reduces the cost of the parents having to pay for things. It will be less expensive as long as you have more and more godparents.

Step seven, find your dama and chambelans outfit.

  • Your dama needs to find a dress that fits in with your theme but also make sure it’s not the same color as your dress. Also, know that when looking for the dress that it not gonna meet everyone wants. You have to make sure that they know they won’t get what they want all the time. The guy tuxes you will want to find something that matches with the girl’s dress and that it will be able to be in all the guy’s outfits.

Step eight, pack a bag with all your needs.

  • This bag will include anything that you think might need to in case of anything. It will include your second dance outfit, as well as safety pins, bobby pins or rubber bands or anything that you really can come up with. Take socks, an extra tank top, perfume, lotion, and your shoes. Most importantly double-check your bag.

Just get ready for the nest day and enjoy it and don’t let small things ruin that day for you most importantly.