Graduation Requirements


As we all know, its the last semester for seniors. Everyone is getting a bit more anxious because the big day is coming closer: graduation. But before that, here are a few things that you may need to know.

“Staying informed, watching the newsletters, email, and text messages are the best way to up to date and DO NOT miss deadlines,” says senior guidance counselor, Mrs. Marrs.

First, students should try to find out if they have any makeup hours, and know how many community service hours that they have done. These things can be easily found out by the senior guidance counselor Mrs. Marrs. Without these, you cannot walk at graduation and your diploma may be held until these things are completed.

You will also want to see if you are career or college ready, if not both. College readiness is passing the ACT or the Kyote; if you haven’t passed either, there is still a few more chance that you have before time runs out.

Raising grades is also very important to ensure that final transcript is ready for colleges and employers. Staying on top of missing work or simply turning things on time can really help a lot.

Mrs. Marrs will be speaking with seniors during their English classes throughout the semester, so make sure that you pay attention and make an effort to make these meetings.