Eagles Basketball games


Mason Grant and Jameson Chalker defend McCracken County player. Photo courtesy of The Paducah Sun

January 7th the Eagles played against McCracken. The Lady Eagles started at 6:00 pm and the Varsity boys played at 7:30 pm.

Our Lady Eagles took on another victory during this nail-biting game. The final score was 36-35. During the first quarter we took on the lead, but began to fall around the third quarter. Although, the girls didn’t stop putting in hustle, and ended up winning with around 12 seconds remaining on the clock.

Our Varsity boys put in a lot of good work, but the result of the game was a devastating loss. The final score was 77-49.

Bianca Hale, all-girl cheerleader, stated, “The boys didn’t go down without a fight during the third quarter, even though we lost, that part was intense and exciting.”

Both of our Eagle teams played excellent against McCracken. They showed tremendous hustle even when they started to get tired, they never gave up. That is what we strive for at Graves County.

John Ben Brown, Eagle basketball player, stated, “Tonight’s game was awesome because of the effort we all put into the first quarter.”

Great Job Eagles!! For more information about the game stats you can go to Maxpreps.com