New Bethesda Studios release: Fallout 76

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New Bethesda Studios release: Fallout 76


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In the past couple of weeks since the release of Fallout 76, a new game in Bethesda’s Fallout series, a bunch of controversial reviews have surfaced.

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer, open-world, role-playing game in which your goal is to survive and surpass other’s squads or stats.

Max Wilson, a senior GC football player,  spends his off-time playing video games with his friends on Xbox.

“The game is alright overall, but I think they should’ve done more bug testing on it before it was released,” said Wilson.

As described in other reviews across the web, it has been stated that Bethesda wasn’t considering fully testing Fallout 76 until the beta was released. An outrage of Bethesda supporters were not happy with the new release, as it didn’t meet the quota set by the developers.

The focal point of these bad reviews was based off the bad latency (connection) in the servers, and some parts of the game not loading in correctly.

“I feel as if Bethesda should have focused more on the functionality of the game, more than the design concept and graphics,” he explained.

Another issue that was brought into play was the price of this new release. It started at $60, but was recently taken down to at least $30 because of the negative reviews it received due to the developers failing to release a fully functional game.

The community hopes to see further improvement to the servers and are waiting for the next “great” Bethesda games release.




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