GCHS Screaming Eagle Band Plays at Cardinals Game in St. Louis


Courtesy of Graves County HIgh School Facebook Page

The GCHS Screaming Eagle Band played the National Anthem at the St. Louis Cardinals Game on September Third.

Kaylee Winn, the drum major, says “The best part was hanging out with my friends after we finished playing.”

Though the event was stressful for some, the band was overall excited to be playing on the Busch Stadium field again.

Winn says that playing on the field after two years of COVID-19 felt natural and not nerve-wracking.

Senior band members say that being able to cheer with everyone in person was a thrilling experience and are sad that it will be the last time for them. 

Band Member Leah Puckett says, “Normally playing in front of crowds isn’t all that nerve racking, but this game was out of the park. There were so many people which was exciting, kinda panicked a little though because I squeaked pretty loud. Gladly I don’t think anyone heard it or knew it was me. I liked being able to cheer with the big crowd and doing the wave.”

Overall, the performance was an amazing experience for the GCHS Screaming Eagle Band.