West Kentucky Regional Orchestra Contest


On March 31st, the GCHS Orchestra, lead by Dr.Hill, performed in the GCHS PAC. The performance took place in front of a few judges tasked with grading the orchestra. The grade came out as a clean distinguished, which is the highest grade.

Dr.Hill, the orchestra’s director and creator of the contest tradition, stated, “The specific hope I had for this year was to give the students a sense of normalcy.” she also added, “For so long this was our routine, so with the performance again, the students can now have a goal for the mid-spring season.” With the Covid pandemic slowing down a little, other schools sadly were not able to visit, but at least the school’s orchestra would have the opportunity.

Among the students attending, Dr.Hill highlighted Gracie Routen, Jamie Lemay, and Madeline Leonard. Firstly, Madeline Leonard, a senior violin player, stated “I hoped with the hard work that we would be distinguished.” She went  on to say, “It worked since we were completely distinguished.” One the educational and grade side of the contest, everything was a success.

Another student within the contest is Jamie Lemay. Jamie is also a senior violin player and had been in orchestra for eight years. Jamie stated, “My favorite part of the contest every year is one of the orchestra professionals that comes down always wears a really cool tie every year.” She also tacked on, “My freshman year he wore a Batman tie and this year he wore a Beethoven tie, which is funny because we all call him Beethoven.” So not only was the contest educational, but entertaining and fun for the students and faculty participating.

The final student Dr.Hill recommended is Gracie Routen. Routen is a senior Cello player for the GCHS orchestra. Routen experienced a unique opportunity at the contest when she was given the task of  being a chauffeur for the attending judges. Routen stated, “I got to hang out with the judges and hang out with them.” She also said, “One of the judges even emailed me to read their novel they wrote, so more opportunities could hopefully open for me.” Said opportunities could open many doors for Routen in her future.

Overall, the West Kentucky Regional Orchestra Contest seemed to go well. The orchestra earned a perfect Distinguished score and the students interviewed enjoyed their selves. Even though  the last few years have been difficult for the contest, people look forward to the contest in coming years.