The light festival of Mayfield-Graves County


Courtesy of Mayfield Messenger

For the first time, Graves and Mayfield will be hosting a drive-thru light festival. Only a few minutes from the Graves County High School, families can drive through sparkling arches into the show. The admission price is free, but canned goods and donations are accepted.

When driving through, you’ll be stopped and greeted by a group of volunteers handing out peppermint candies for the rest of your drive. Driving down the road, headlights will be asked to be turned off, in order to see the many illuminated Christmas signs. It’s heartwarming to see the town’s community become united by having each local company donate something for the display. Each business is thanked with a personal plate next to their Christmas display.

When at the end of the road, there will be an option for anyone to turn into a colorfully lighted village. Here, this small area is filled with vendors and Christmas spirit. Leaving is as easy as entering, with no charge or ‘catch’. The lights will be available to see every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Mayfield-Graves County Fairgrounds.