Snow Day Superstitions


As chances of snow are on the rise this season in the Graves area, students and teachers are hoping to be out of school.

When interviewed, a few students and faculty members shared what they’re doing to increase the chances of snow.

“When I was little my mom made ‘magic fudge’ to make it snow,” said Political Science teacher Mrs. Mills. “I believed that it worked. In reality, she just made it for us when snow was forecasted.”

“When I was little, my grandfather would say if it had snowed and there was a pile left that it was just snow waiting for more snow,” said  AP Government teacher Mr. Richard.

Graves County enjoyed two NTI Snow Days in the first week of their spring semester on January 6 and 7, but many are hoping for more.

“My favorite is putting a spoon under your pillow. Although I really don’t like the oranges in the  fridge,” said Junior Abby Workman.

“I like to  yell “Snow Day!” because it is fun and I believe it brings more snow,” said Junior Hunter Williams.

“My niece and nephew will flush ice cubes down the toilet,” said English teacher Mrs. Parrish. “In my classroom, I plug in a light up snowman in hopes it brings extra snow luck.”