Deals! Deals! Deals! Black Friday approaches


Black Friday shoppers in Paducha ky

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches many students at GCHS are thinking about Black Friday.

Online stores like Amazon and Shein have already started their Black Friday sales.

Students are eager to get a head start on their Christmas gift giving.

“This year I will be looking for some good phone deals, makeup sales, and presents for my family,” said senior Lila Willingham. “I have not got any Christmas presents yet and need to find something on Black Friday.”

GCHS staff is also searching for incredible deals.

“This year I will be lookin for deals for my kids,” office staff member Jordan Wiggins continued “The best deal was getting a new TV for me and my family.”

For some, Black Friday is not for them as it can get out of hand when people will do anything for good sales.

“I watched two people play tug-of-war with a TV,” said GCHS senior Madilynne West. “Neither of them ended up getting the TV because they were both kicked out of the store.”