Rush Week is back for 2021


Below are reminders/updates for this year’s club sponsor, courtesy of Mrs. Shanna Mills.

Rush week is the week after next week, 9/7-10 in the PE Commons. Remember to get videos completed or scheduled with Mr. Miller. For rush week you will want a creative booth that draws students to your club–you will be provided with a table for your club on Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Wright-Holmes will have a map where each club should set up. You will need student volunteers to work the booth each day. If it works out that students are career apprentices, they often can work a whole block. Otherwise, try to get students to work during their lunches so that missed class time is minimized. Make sure to communicate with teachers if a student will be late or to ask if it’s okay if they miss part of a class.

It’s a good idea to have students sign up for your club with a google form, since quarantined kids could participate in Rush Week as well. When collecting money for dues for your club, students will need to fill the form that is linked below. Money should be turned in to Mrs. Shellie at the end of each day to comply with Red Book regulations.