The Ultimate Guide for Stress Remedies

Canvas courtesy by Alicia Bell

Canvas courtesy by Alicia Bell

Stress is real and affects quite a bit of the population. Many find it difficult to cope with stress, so I have put together an ultimate guide for stress remedies.

1.) Try incorporating lavender to, well, everything!

    •  Contains calcium, iron, and Vitamin A
    • Can stabilize your mood, improve sleep, and reduce stress
    • Safe to eat if you want a relaxing smoothie
    • Soak in the tub with lavender bath bombs, or even Epsom Salt

2.)  Soaking in a bath

    • Submergence in water causes our muscles to contract, relieving pain and tension
    • It calms the nervous system, which lowers the levels of stress and anxiety
    • Light a couple candles, dim the lights, add some Epsom salt, and relax in the bath!

3.)  Aromatherapy

    • Well known for its relaxing properties
    • Helps fight off many mental conditions
    • A diffuser can be used for essential oils
    • You can buy body wash, essential oils, and massages

4.) Deep Breathing

    • Can help activate your relaxation response
    • The goal is to focus on your breathing, making it slower

5.) Spend time with animals

    • Having a pet may help reduce stress and improves your mood
    • Helps release oxytocin
    • Keeps you active and promotes companionship