Puppy fever? Consider these tips from Vet Tech Alexis Barton

Puppy fever? Consider these tips from Vet Tech Alexis Barton

Becoming a pet owner is an exciting time, but also a major commitment.

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting a dog of my own. I started to think of all the things that could go wrong, and what I may not be prepared for. I decided it was important to know all the things I’ve been wondering before adopting a dog.

I interviewed Alexis Barton, a Veterinary Technologist, who has a few helpful tips for pet owners.

Barton has a deep passion for animals, it goes way back to when she was a child. She has a dog named Stella, who she adores more than anything. Keeping her healthy is a priority.

“In my opinion, the best way to exercise a dog is to let them run and burn any pent up energy in an enclosed yard or dog park,” claims Barton. “Walking a dog at least twice a day is also great exercise for dogs.”

“To maintain a healthy weight for dogs, choose a well-balanced diet,” added Barton. “In addition to a well-balanced diet, feeding twice a day with portions corresponding to their weight will also help maintain a healthy diet and prevent obesity.”

While many of us love to spoil our animals, feeding them certain items, such as grapes or chocolate, may come at a cost to their well-being.

“Chocolate may be sweet and tasty for us humans, but it is extremely toxic to dogs and cats. Theobromine is the ingredient in the chocolate that causes chocolate toxicity in animals…. The more bitter and dark the chocolate, the more toxic it is.”