Real Estate Just Got Real

Gracie Youngblood’s Ad

Gracie Marie Youngblood is a new fresh face in the real estate business. She started as a passionate entrepreneur selling women’s and children’s clothing on an online boutique called “Besos.” Gracie loved the business she had going, but she knew she would earn more money selling real estate. Even though it is new for her, she is very confident and excited about her future.

Gracie has only been in real estate for a few months but it has impacted her in many valuable ways. In this short time, she has felt encouraged to help people through tough times with real estate. People are turning the page into new chapters of their lives and she loves having the opportunity to be a part of that. Not only does she get to help people, but she also gets to meet many new people. 

Gracie said, “I love to see commercial clients’ faces light up when I get to tell them how much they can profit off of a certain real estate deal.” Overall she loves to see the families and businesses grow over the years.

When starting, real estate can be challenging because it takes time to develop and get yourself out there. There are many reasons why she chose this career, but here are a few. Gracie luckily had the connections through her friends and family to build up a large clientele, resulting in a profitable beginning to her career. She also did not want to be limited as to how much money she could make by a salary or hourly wage. Gracie does not have any kids, so she can work as much as she wants. As a responsible adult, Gracie has enough money saved up to live off of if her starting months in real estate don’t go as planned. She said, “I knew it was the perfect pathway for flipping houses and having rentals and commercial properties.”

Gracie getting creative with home decor

When asking Gracie the question, “how has this impacted your future?” her face lit up with delight. She has not purchased her first house yet, but when she does she will know all the details to secure the best one. Gracie can plan for her future in many ways through real estate. She said, “Real estate allows you to make as little or as much money as you want to and as the market allows you to.” It also allows you to make many connections with people around the United States.

Next Gracie was asked, “what is your favorite part?” Gracie replied, “there is no such thing as a typical day in real estate and that is my favorite part.” She stays active and although there are some repetitive actions, she enjoys it all. One day she might work on twelve different deals in a day, call the inspector, list another, market another, show another, or close one. Gracie also has days where she has nothing going on business-wise, so she uses that time to market herself or relax.

Christmas time with Gracie

She has a lot of useful advice for people wanting to get into real estate. Gracie says one of the most important things is to “get yourself out there and make friends with anyone and everyone you can.” Gracie has already made contracts and offers with people she knew in high school, as well as teachers and friends. One of her main points is to not let people take advantage of you in this career. She pushes the idea that working together is key to getting the best results. Gracie said, “one of the biggest things is to work on setting your feelings aside in conversations because you don’t need to allow something that has gone bad like a deal to bother you personally.”