College and Stress

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For many seniors college is a big weight on their shoulders. Between applying for college and feeling out scholarships it can be very stressful. People don’t need to spend their whole senior year stressing about the future. My goal in this is to help you deal with your stress and to give some advice about college.

First I want to give some advice. First when college applications, fafsa, or scholarships open up do them as soon as possible because it is first come first serve. Also being the first to do anything makes you stand out to the colleges. Clubs and honors classes look good when you’re applying for college. Visit the college so you get get to know where things are and so see if you actually want to go there.

If you are a senior this is your last year to go to the football, basketball, baseball games. It’s also the last year before you go out into the real world, so take these chases and go do fun thing. Also if you don’t wait to the last minute to do things you’ll be less stressed. Don’t be scared to ask for help from a teacher if you are having trouble with something. You’ll be more stressed if you don’t do anything rather then asking for help.