Preparing for finals



Many students are stressing as teachers are preparing their classes for finals. This time is one of the most nerve-racking for students who did not meet the criteria to be exempt from their class finals.  However, there is no reason to stress! The end of the school should be the most relaxed as the year is about to end.

Here are a few tips to prepare for finals:

  • Make sure all assignments are turned in and you have no zeros
  • Gather as much material from your classes to study as possible
  • Don´t wait until last minute to look over study guides
  • Eat good and get plenty of sleep the night before you take the finals
  • Take a couple of small breaks when studying
  • Have a study group with your friends
  • Study material not on the study guide as well as what is on it

Junior, Erika Bunch says,¨I have been stressed the past few weeks thinking about finals, but after hearing these tips I feel a lot more confident.¨