Vaping: a growing problem among high school students


Vaping is an evolving issue within high school students. Vapes/ E cigarettes contain high nicotine levels which is extremely addictive and teens are more susceptible to an addiction because their brains are not fully developed yet.

At Graves County High School, vaping has become an issue with students. During the 2019-2020 school year,  there were 81 incidents in which students received referrals for possession of a nicotine devices or accessories. Mr. Horn and Mr. Cole have confiscated many different types of E cigarettes, even some that look like phones or watches.

77 students were anonymously surveyed at GCHS, and 74% claim they have witnessed someone vaping at school.

90% of students responded that they knew someone who vapes, while 38% responded that they personally vape.

Alarmingly, when asked their thoughts on vaping, 53% stated that they “don’t care.”

Due to this issue, faculty bathroom patrolling has increased. However, outside of the school doors teens are still participating in this unhealthy and addictive habit.