Draw, Breath, Release! GCHS Archery places first


The Graves County High School Archery team competed this past weekend at GCHS. With many talented archers, the archery team gained first place in both 3D and Bullseye. Some of these talented archers include freshman Lane Sanderson, freshman Kyra Goodson, senior Taylor Reed, and senior Hunter Ellegood.

Within the male division, Lane Sanderson led the way by placing second overall and scoring 292. Followed by Hunter Ellegood placing third overall with a score of 288. Within the female division, Taylor Reed placed first overall and she scored 277. Kyra Goodson followed by placing fourth overall and scored 281.

After interviewing these archers, they all stated how archery was a way to relieve and forget about all the stress. “While shooting I forget about everything and nothing bothers me,” stated Taylor Reed. “I don’t have to worry about any test or work-related issues.”

“Our team continues to improve at every practice and some fellow archers practice outside of our practices twice a week,” stated Hunter Ellegood. “We will eventually be where we want to be, but right now we just need to improve our personal scores.” Even though they scored highly, the archery members believe that there is still room for improvement.