Adopt Nala

Adopt Nala

This adorable, loving, boxer named Nala, needs a home quick!

Why should you adopt Nala? Nala is a female who is 4 months old and is about 30 pounds. She loves to play, has plenty of energy, is very patient, but wants a nice home.

This dog does not have any biting history, and she is juvenile trained. Nala is a stray; found at 531 Kingston Rd, Water Valley, and has been at the Mayfield-Graves Animal Shelter since the beginning of February.

Boxers are known to learn very quickly. They have the combination of stylish elegance with strength and agility. This breed is perfectly suited to serve as a working watchdog. They need a lot of exercise, but they are so friendly to people and to other dogs.

Go adopt this beautiful pup, she will be just about the perfect friend. Of course they will rely on you for a lot, you must prepare for the arrival of a boxer; make them feel like a welcome member of your community.

The responsibilities of being a guardian of any dog are great, but the love and friendship you’ll receive in return is priceless.