Just Cause he’s named Boo Boo doesn’t mean he’s Scary

Just Cause hes named Boo Boo doesnt mean hes Scary

Boo Boo is around 10 months old, and he’s got 2 siblings from the same litter at the Humane Society with him. He is a Retriever, Labrador Mix. His fur color is so pretty and soft. He is very energetic and loves to play. He also does well with other animals, especially dogs. He is in a kennel with his siblings.

I met him once, and he was the sweetest puppy ever, even though he is a bigger puppy. He kept putting his paw out in front of him, and when I grabbed his paw, he wouldn’t drop it. He wanted me to hold his paw, and he kept scooting closer to me, but he wouldn’t stand up.

Once I got him to stand up on two legs, he kept pushing his head down so I would pet him. He just wanted love and attention. When I first went to him, he was a little timid, but quickly warmed up to me. His tail started to wag softly at the end of it.

Boo Boo has been at the McCracken County Humane Society since September 19, 2018. He was 5 months old when he was surrendered to the Humane Society. He’s so sweet and just wants love, and he needs a family. He would be the perfect dog for older, energetic kids. Don’t let this sweet boy grow up in a shelter!

He only costs $150, which includes all of his shots and is neutered. You could have years of happiness with this sweet boy.

For more information, contact the McCracken County Humane Society at 270-443-5923, or email them at [email protected].