Disney-Fox deal may be the biggest media deal in years



According to CNN, in the next couple of weeks, the media world will become an “entertainment earthquake” if Disney goes along with expectations and buys a large part of 21st Century Fox.

If, or should they say when, the deal goes through, Disney will own one of the United State’s largest movie studios, as well as famous television channels FX and National Geographic.

AOL bought out Time Warner at the turn of the century in January of 2000, making it the biggest media buy, with a $112 billion pay out. The joint-business venture did not succeed, as Time Warner dropped AOL in 2009. Markets are hoping for this deal to be the biggest media plan since then.

According to Richard Greenfield, BTIG media and technology analyst, “The sale is an ‘absolutely brilliant move by the Murdoch family,’… because it gets them a good price before their industry declines any further.”

This will give Disney a rise in their stocks, as they have experienced an up and down trend from their loss in the summer.

The deal would “double its stake in Hulu with the acquisition, becoming majority owner. And as Disney prepares to launch its own over the top streaming services in 2019, it could become a more formidable foe for the likes of Netflix …by combining its existing content with Fox’s movie, television and sports content.”