13 to compete at DECA Nationals; Williams elected state president


In late February, 42 GCHS DECA students competed in the 2022 State Competition at The Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

13 students will go on to to compete among 15,000 other students at the DECA International Career and Development Conference in Atlanta, GA in April. Five students placed in Kentucky State Events.

“I am very proud of how everyone performed at the state competition this year,” said adviser Michelle McKee, who boasts the 3rd largest DECA chapter in the state. “We had several winners, which is quite impressive at the state level. I can’t wait to see what DECA Nationals has in store for GCHS DECA.”

Additionally, for the first time in history, a GC student was elected to serve as the 22-23 Kentucky DECA President. Junior Brooklyn Williams completed a written test, delivered a great speech at the opening general session, had a successful interview with state-level administrators, and therefore received the highest state office.

“I was very excited to receive the role of being my state’s leader in an organization I love so much,” said Williams. “I want to increase state-wide membership by starting at least five more DECA chapters.”

Junior Jamie Griffin earned 1st Place in the National Event of Quick Serve Restaurant Management, which required a test and presentation.

“I was happy to be the first GCHS student to get first place in this year’s competition,” he said. “I was nervous about my presentation, but when I got in there they said I mentioned a topic that no one else had.”

A complete list of awards are listed below:

Kentucky Finalist for Outstanding Chapter Member – Emily Oliver

1st Place Winners (National Events)

Quick Serve Restaurant Mgmt. (test and presentation) – Jamie Griffin

2nd Place Winners (National Events)

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Service – Madisyn Braden, Anna Grace Fowler and Brooklyn Williams (“Pretty in Pink Palooza” – Prim & Proper Special Events)

Hospitality Services Team Decision-Making Event (test and presentation) – Ryan Beth Goodman and Sadie Youngblood

Marketing Management Team Decision-Making Event (test and presentation) – Fletcher Anderson and Conner Thomas

Apparel & Accessories Marketing (test and presentation) – Natalie Sims

Business Services Marketing (test and presentation) – Ryan Hayden

Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling (test and presentation – “Virtual 5K”) – Brooke Howry

3rd Place (National Events)

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Event – Macey Evitts and Marley Shoulta (“Pigs, Politics, & Picnic” – Fancy Farm Picnic)

Finalist (National Events) (top 8 – medal recipients)

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Event – Jordan Coles & Lainey Smith (“The Giving Tree” – GCHS Fine Arts)

Buying & Merchandising Team Decision-Making (test and presentation) – Emma Hancock and Lizzie Irions

Financial Services Team Decision-Making (test and presentation) – Mikalia Belknap & Addison Larrison

Financial Services Team Decision-Making (test and presentation) – Jayden Hester & Hannah McAdoo)

Marketing Management Team Decision-Making (test and presentation) – Ryan Barnett & Jaelyn Thompson

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (test and presentation) – Sylas Ingram & Alec Jenkins

Personal Financial Literacy (test and presentation) – Emily Oliver

Professional Selling (test and presentation – “OSHA compliance”) – Alexa Raney

Human Resources Management (test and presentation) – Grant Phillips

Food Marketing (test and presentation) – Mark Whitaker

Entrepreneurship Series (test and presentation) – Ellie Youngblood

Business Finance (test and presentation) – Clay Cooper)


1st Place (State Events – Test Only)

KY Free Enterprise Basics Cluster – Jenna Shupe

2nd Place (State Events – Test Only)

KY Entrepreneurship Functions – Norma Gonzalez

KY Free Enterprise Basics – Jay Patel

3rd Place (State Events – Test Only)

KY Finance – Ellie Davis

Finalist (State Events – Test Only)

KY Sports & Entertainment Marketing – Hadley Looper