GCHS hosts blood drive


On February 2nd, GCHS students and staff donated blood to aid tornado relief and hospital needs.

GCHS hosts about 4 blood drives each year, with each donor potentially saving up to 3 lives by participating.

“Blood first goes to local hospitals,” explained Mrs. Mills, whose Leadership class organized the drive. “If there is not a local need, they go to hospitals further away.”

“This time we are actually working with HOSA,” continued Mills. “Their officers are facilitating this blood drive.”

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) is a career pathway for those who want to go into the healthcare program. HOSA and Leadership students worked together to encourage staff and students to participate, schedule donors at their preferred times, and assist nursing staff and donors on site.

“We make sure consent forms are signed, check IDs, and ensure donors are stable by offering them snacks and juices to keep their blood pressure and blood sugar stable,” explained Macy Marler.