Holiday Gift Guide!


With the holidays approaching, everyone is trying to find gifts for their loved ones! A lot of people have trouble finding the perfect gift so we interviewed some students to give the people some ideas.

You may want to consider any special hobbies or interests your recipient enjoys so that their gift is both useful and appreciated.

“I’m getting my son 3D targets for archery,” said Vice Principal Mrs. Wright-Holmes.

Custom gifts are always thoughtful, and Etsy has hundreds of shops to help you create the perfect present.

“I decided to get my boyfriend a customized vinyl with a picture of us and a list of songs on it that have a special meaning to us!” Said junior Mackenzie Williamson.

Contributing to your recipient’s d├ęcor is a great way to spread the holiday spirit.

Vice Principal Mr. Horn said, “I’m getting one of my co-workers some Christmas decorations.”

Michael’s frequently has a large quantity of their holiday selection on sale during this time of year.

And for those who have, well, everything, perhaps a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store is a great way to show your appreciation and encourage them to “treat themselves.”

Senior, Nick Lashbrook said, “I’m getting my grandparents a Red lobster gift card.”