Photography Class captures “ghosts” in latest project

Photography Class captures ghosts in latest project

Mrs. Moore’s photography class got into the fall spirit by completing their “Ghost Project” in October of 2021. The students curated many photo submissions, all as spooky as the project’s name implies.

When asked about the inspiration behind the assigned project, Mrs. Moore stated “We were learning about shutter speed on cameras and the project covered that and tied perfectly into Halloween.”

With the help of their camera’s shutter speed, the students were able to give their bodies in the photos a wispy and ghost like affect even after they had left the frame.

Natalie Dalton, a student in Mrs. Moore’s 4A photography class, said “I really liked that the photos looked spooky like Halloween,” when asked about her favorite aspect of the project.

The project, although fun, seemed to have a lot of challenges for the picture’s photographer and model to face.

“The model in each photo had to move really fast” said Alyssia Nightingale, also a 4A student. The students had to race against the shutter speed on the cameras so the photos would some out correctly.